Teddy Ruxpin Returns

October 3, 2016

© Patrick Ager | Dreamstime

Children of the 80s can now share a piece of their childhood with the 5th edition of Teddy Ruxpin.  However he has gone through some upgrades. Gone are the days of sliding an audio cassette into its back for Teddy to read you a story; compel with moving mouth and eyes.  The new Teddy Ruxpin (5th generation) uses Bluetooth technology and a 4GB of memory, which should hold around 40 stories and allows kids to read the story via a tablet as Teddy reads. Teddy Ruxpin eyes are LED, which is a little creepy but is able to give more detailed eye movement than before. The bear also comes with sensors on its hands and feet for a more interactive experience. Unfortunately, the new Teddy Ruxpin won't be available until July of next year for around $100.

SOURCE: Gizmodo & Wicked Cool Toys

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