"Tech Neck" Affects Women More Often Than Men

June 21, 2018

© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime

Handheld technology has us looking down a lot, but a new study reveals women suffer with more tech neck than men do. Researchers found that women are twice as likely as men to experience persistent pain in the neck and upper shoulders caused by bending or slouching into extreme positions while using a tablet computer. The scientists assumed that the more time a person spent using an iPad, the more neck and shoulder pain they'd experience-- but they were wrong. The biggest risk factors for this type of pain were found to be gender and specific postures. Postures that lead to pain included those that cause the tablet user to slump over and gaze downward. Specifically: sitting without back support, sitting with the device in the lap, and sitting in a chair with the tablet placed on a flat desk surface. Researchers think the smaller stature of women might be the reason. Make sure you are taking regular breaks from typing or looking down at your device to ward off nagging neck and back pain.

SOURCE: EurekaAlert!

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