Teacher's No Homework Policy Receives Praise

August 24, 2016


Can a 2nd grade teacher's homework policy be the beginning of the end of decades of homework assignments?  Chances are you have already seen the letter in your Facebook timeline that Brandy Young sent out to her 2nd grade class at Godley Elementary School.  In it, she explains that she will not be issuing homework this year; mainly because there isn't any research that backs up the claim that homework makes a brighter student.  Instead she is encouraging her students to use time traditionally used for homework to do things proven to correlate with a student success, such as eating dinner as a family, reading together and playing outside. There is some research backing up Ms. Young's claim that homework doesn't largely impact the performance of students. Even though better test scores and knowledge retention have been linked to homework in some research, there has never been any conclusive evidence that says homework gives kids a unique leg up in achievement.  Young credits the school's superintendent for pushing teachers in her district to think outside the box, saying that if something doesn't work, then she will change it.

SOURCE: Business Insider

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