Teach Your Child To Ride A Bicycle Without Training Wheels

January 9, 2018

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We all have memories of learning to ride a bicycle.  We couldn't wait to get those training wheels off and although it took some skinned knees and hands, we were off and riding down the street on two wheels!  As many parents re-teach this art form to their kids, a suggestion that you're better to ditch the training wheels altogether! A cycling organization says there is a better way to teach a child to ride a bicycle.  First, remove the pedals and lower the seat all the way down child is able to plant both feet on the ground. When the child is ready, encourage her to move forward on the bike by taking giant steps. After they get the hang of that, have them do “kangaroo hops,” which are essentially big, smooth glides.  Then put one pedal back on. Left or right, it doesn’t matter, and have your child sit back on the bicycle. Stand behind them and hold on to their back. Have your child place their foot on the pedal and scoot forward using the other foot. Keep reminding them to look straight ahead—not down. Then put the other pedal back on. Have the child sit on the bike with both feet on the pedals. Hold onto the child’s back and upper arm to begin and tell them to look straight ahead and start pedaling. Keep holding onto the child as you walk forward and then slowly release your grip. Say “stop” after about 10 feet. Try it again for 20 feet and the third time they should be off!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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