Is This Target's Secret As To Why You Buy More Than You Set To Buy?

June 15, 2017

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Ever get caught up in the Target vortex?  When you go in to buy a couple of items on your list and leave with a basket full of stuff?  Staying focused in Target is hard but why?  There are other stores similar to Target that you have no problem sticking to your list.  However you may have failed to notice while picking up all sorts of items and placing them in your cart that the store is completely silent.  Yes, Target is the only major retailer that does not pipe in shopping music over their intercom.  It could be said the lack of music while shopping lets your mind take a break and lets your eyes glaze over products you really don't need but want (think of Sky Mall on an airplane).  However things might be changing as the store looks to bring in more people in an ever-growing online shopping world. Target is testing music playlists in some stores that’s "upbeat, positive and has a playful personality," according to a Target spokesperson.  This may also be a sign of things to come as the company is also testing the sale of alcohol in stores and could roll that out to more markets.

SOURCE: Delish

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