Tamagotchi Virtual Pets Return To Stores By Christmas

October 11, 2017

© Hugolacasse | Dreamstime

Another part of your childhood is being resurrected from the pages of history. Tamagotchi, the virtual pet keychain fad of the 1990s is coming back for you to feed, comfort and keep alive just like it did when you were a kid. However these Tamagotchis have been simplified somewhat and the device itself has slimmed down considerably; half the size of its 1990s predecessor, sporting a square digital screen with three buttons underneath it. But the gist is still the same, feed them when they're hungry, turn the lights off (i.e. power down) when it's time to sleep, offer comfort when they're sick, and clean up after they poop. There’s no playing games with it.  Tamagotchi will come in six different shells with all six of the original Tamagotchi creatures are back with this re-release, and you end up with one at random any time you hatch a new egg. Look for them in stores starting November 5th for around $15.

SOURCE: Mashable

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