Take A Picture Of Your Stove Before Vacation For A Good Reason

July 21, 2017

© Wisconsinart | Dreamstime

Your bag is packed, the reservations are confirmed and you're about to leave for a well-deserved vacation!  But before you leave, take your phone out and snap a picture of the stove knobs, air conditioning thermostat and even the iron.  It's not because you want to show off your home appliances to complete strangers, it's because many people spend time worrying if they had left the oven on, or the iron plugged in and can result in wasted time returning home for that piece of mind. Because a vacation is filled with new experiences and deviates from your regular pattern of life, our minds can cast doubt on the mundane tasks of daily routine.  So having a picture you can refer to and confirm the stove is off, iron unplugged and the A/C set to a higher temperature is not a bad idea. But if you find yourself forgetting phone chargers, reading glasses or your wallet on a regular basis, consider downloading the Don't Leave it app for iPhone, which uses geofencing to alert you not to leave without picking something up first. So as you leave your house, it will chime and go over a customized list of items to see if you missed any one of them.  The free app is in iTunes and an Android version is in the works.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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