Taco Bell To Launch Clothing Line At Forever21

September 29, 2017


Is the world ready for Taco bell fashion?  Clothing retailer Forever21 believe so as they launch a limited series of shirts, bodysuits, hoodies and sweatshirts that feature Taco Bell food items and advertising slogans.  For example, you can own a pink pullover sweatshirt with the “Live Mas” logo on the chest. Or perhaps a Fire Sauce tank top is more your style.

The two companies believe the clothing, which will launch on October 11th, line will be a big hit and if history is any guide, there is some truth to that claim.  Back in the 1980s, Coca-Cola rugby shirts were big hits.

McDonalds also had success with its McKids line of clothing sold at Sears stores and later moving to Walmart stores in the 1990s.

SOURCE: Taco Bell

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