Switching Between Checkout Lines Slows You Down

December 28, 2017

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Nothing can damper a fun shopping trip than waiting in a long line to checkout and if you are the type of person that hops between lines in an effort to make the wait shorter, we've got some bad news. Switching lanes to shorten the wait almost always backfires. People who chose to switch one ended up waiting around 10% longer and those that switched twice waited around 67% longer, researchers found out. This human trait is called "last place aversion" which is hard wired in our competitive minds.  We see picking a line as a contest and believe switching lines will make us victorious.  However "last place aversion" actually causes you to fee less satisfied by 20% because we end up losing the game. Researchers from Harvard Business School found when a person is at the back of a queue the pressure sometimes causes them make poor decisions and are four times more likely just to give up altogether. For the benefit of your mental health and for efficiency, pick a line and stay put. As crazy as it may sound, pick a line behind one person with a lot of items instead of a line of people with fewer items.  Although the one person has a lot of stuff to check out, the interaction between several customers with fewer items actually slows down the checkout process.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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