Swimmers Detained for Questioning, Heartbreaking Conclusion and Medal Count From Rio Olympics

August 18, 2016

How times have changed for the Olympics.  In years past, the big news headlines would involves athletes using steroid or doping scandals to win.  But for the 2016 Rio Olympics, 4 US swimmers are stealing headlines for their reported robbery early Sunday morning as they left a party.  Ryan Lochte, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen had left a hospitality house hosted by France early Sunday in a taxi bound for the Olympic Village when they stated a fake police car pulled over their taxi and robbed them at gunpoint. Lochte said in an interview that the robber only took his wallet but left his cell phone and credentials.  Those claims are why Brazilians raised suspicion that the whole incident may have never happened. A spokeswoman for the Civil Police says the case is unusual considering many people in Brazil know the athletes phones and watches, which were not stolen, are prized target for thieves in crime-plagued Rio and that Lochte’s wallet was the only one stolen out of the four. It prompted a Brazilian judge to order the seizure of passports of all 4 athletes so that further questioning can be conducted.  However Lochte had already returned home Monday after being cleared by investigators, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were taken off a plane for questioning as they were preparing to leave Rio Wednesday night and the whereabouts of Jimmy Feigen are unknown. The judge's order came down after surveillance video showed the athletes holding items that questioned the incident ever occurred.  It is unclear of Lochte will return to Brazil for further questioning.  The taxi cab driver has also not come forward for questioning. 

Team USA cleaning up at the women's 100m hurdles with Brianna Rollins winning gold, Nia Ali winning silver and Kristi Castlin grabbing the bronze Wednesday. Two-time world champion, Tianna Bartoletta wins gold in women's long jump while Brittney Reese wins silver.  Tori Bowie picks up a brnze in the women's 200m track and field.

The US Equestrian team picks up silver in jumping.  3 of the four team members, Kent Farrington, Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, have all veterans of the annual HITS Ocala Circuit which is held in Ocala from January through March.

And some sad news for Abbey D'Agostino, the American, who in the 5000M track event that fall along with other runners and grabbed out heart with the Olympic spirit egging New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin to keep running, has a torn  ACL and strained MCL in her right knee and will not be competing further. However D'Agostino coming back to help Hamblin finish the race even though she was grimacing with pain, is an unforgettable moment in time.

The medal count heading into Thursday's [8.19.16> event are USA with 30 gold, 32 silver and 31 bronze totaling 93, with China with 54, Great Britain with 50 and Russia with 41.



SOURCE: Ocala Star Banner

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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