The Sweet Android Oreo Software Update

August 24, 2017

Android phones are in for a sweet update with the new Oreo software update released this week. In keeping with the tradition of sweet names, Android 8.0, better known as Android Oreo, has some pretty sweet new features, such as picture-in-picture which lets you see two apps at once. So you can watch cat videos while scrolling through Instagram at the same time. An instant app feature will give you access to apps without going through the whole downloading process. An autofill feature will automatically save your log in info for apps, plus better security, speed, a stronger battery and over 60 new emojis.  Android Oreo is out for Google Pixel, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P and will be available for all devices by the end of the year.  And yes, Android named their update "Oreo" on purpose to capitalize on the popular cookie name, just as Android 4.4 was nicknamed "Kit Kat."

SOURCE: Android

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