The Swedish Death Clean May Be A Lifesaver

October 12, 2017

I can feel like you'll spend a lifetime cleaning up!  So when you hear about the Swedish Death Cleaning you can imagine your hunch is an absolute truth!  But Swedish Death Cleaning isn't as morbid as it sounds and needs a little explaining.  In life we accumulate stuff and we usually store all this stuff in a house, garage, attic and even renting out storage spaces to keep it (because you'll never know when you'll need it). When the times comes to leave this world, all your accumulated stuff will need to be shifted through, sold, given or thrown away.  In Sweden, people combat this hoarding by thinning out their possessions, with many starting the process as early as their 50s, slowly but steadily decluttering as the years roll by.  With the kids all grown up and the facts that you are not as nimble in your golden years as you were in your 20s, so cleaning out items you don't use or need not only declutters your home abut keeps you safe without stacked items and crammed rooms falling down on you.  Plus the "gifting" of nicer items can cut down on holiday spending and allow you the opportunity for your loved ones to enjoy the items they've told you they'd like once you pass away. 


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