Sweat-Stained Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Here

November 29, 2017

© Chris Leary | Dreamstime

We have a fondness for ugly Christmas sweaters.  Fashion don't are freed during the holiday season and there is virtually nothing off limits including sweat stains. The Ugly Sweater Sweater looks like a typical grey cotton pullover you'd wear to the gym but with a permanent sweat stain in festive shapes that are sure to turn your sweat into the talk of the party. Behind these perspiration novelty sweaters are Kevin Knutson, Eric Drommerhausen, Garrick Willhite and Scott Dahl, who are the minds who brought you Periscope. While they were working on the project, Scott Dahl thought it would be funny to wear a sweat-stained sweatshirt as an ugly Christmas sweater and through trial and error using a printer, their idea has come to life.  You can buy heather grey sweatshirts with sweat stains under the armpits as well as a holiday shape in the front of a snowman (The Abominable Snowperson), Christmas tree (The Sappy Tree) or Gingerbread man (The Gingerbro) for $39.95 here [CLICK HERE>.

SOURCE: Mashable

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