Surgeons Can Stop Spreading Germs How?!

July 19, 2017

The Daily Mail claims a new study by the University of Washington says surgeons can stop the spread of germs by operating naked instead of wearing surgical gowns. Lead researcher Patchen Dellinger tells the paper, "In terms of shedding bacteria into the air, naked people shed less bacteria than people in clothes. The way bacteria gets into the air is through out little skin flakes called squames, and if you're wearing clothing it rubs on the squames and sends them out into the air. If you are naked that doesn't happen. When I was training in the 1970's nurses were required to wear skirts and stockings but there is very good evidence that nurses with bare legs shed far fewer bacteria than nurses wearing stockings. A new guideline has come out that says you have to wear a special bouffant hat to cover every hair on your head, and again there is no data that it makes any difference. Naked surgery probably won't happen... and I don't think it will be studied!"

Source: Daily Mail