Sunscreen Pills Are A Scam

May 25, 2018

Memorial Day weekend is billed as the unofficial beginning of summer and although thought turn to long days by the pool or on the beach, it's important to never let your guard down as scammers look for ways to take your money and run.  The latest trend are pills that promise to prevent sunburn and protect you from skin cancer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to consumers to not fall for the largely unregulated cosmetic market, which is saturated with products that claim to protect you, but don't. Products include Advanced Skin Brightening Formula, Sunsafe Rx, Solaricare and Sunergetic which are marketed as dietary supplements to prevent sunburn, reduce early skin aging caused by the sun, or protect from the risks of skin cancer. The FDA has ordered the companies to either stop selling the products or make clear that they do nothing to protect skin.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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