Sun Umbrellas Don't Offer Total Sunburn Protection

January 23, 2017

© Kemaltaner | Dreamstime

With the Florida winter about over, it's time to start planning trips to the beach.  One item we always take is an umbrella to protect us from the dangers of too much sun.  But if you think an umbrella is all you need to escape the sun's rays, you're wrong. 78% of test subjects who opted to escape the dangers of UV radiation under the umbrella suffered sunburns compared to 25% who used SPF 100 sunscreen. Although umbrellas are good at stopping direct beams of sunlight, they cannot stop diffuse radiation, which are solar rays that have been scattered in all directions in the atmosphere.  This phenomenon is what causes the sky to change color at dawn and dusk. So even if you decide to shade yourself under an umbrella, use sunscreen.  Researchers say the combination of shade and sunscreen is best to protect you from sub burn, damaging your skin and possible skin cancers. 

SOURE: Daily Mail

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