Sumter County Man Exposes Himself In Front of Deputy's Car

August 17, 2016


Ok, you can begin to scratch your scalp and rub your forehead on this one! Only in Florida would a man run in front of a marked sheriff's car with your pants pulled down to expose everything the good Lord gave you!  A Sumter County Sheriff Deputy was on patrol late Friday night when 28 year old Lake Justin Carl Walker of Oxford standing on the side of County Road 466.  Just as the deputy's car came close to passing the pedestrian, Walker began to cross all 4 lanes of the road and stopped in front of the cruiser and another car, with his pants pulled down...and by pants we mean pants and underpants too! The report  says Walker stopped in the roadway and looked at both the Deputy and the other vehicle where the officer observed Walker to be fully exposed. So the deputy activated his light bar and got out of his car to confront Walker, who began to walk away at a quick pace.  Within a few seconds Walker was caught and asked why he would do something so blatant, he reportedly looked down a and shrugged his shoulders, saying, ‘I guess I did something stupid.’” After the deputy told Walker to pull up his pants, he allegedly pulled up his shirt and exposed himself further. Eventually Walker did cover up but the damage had been done. He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest without violence.


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