Study Suggest Women Choose A Partner That Resembles Their Brother

May 12, 2017


If you noticed similarities between your husband and your brother, you'd be correct.  A New study suggest that women seek out a partner that looks resembles their brother.  An article in the latest edition of the Evolution and Human Behavior Journal, married women were asked to rank the facial similarities between photos of their husband and their brothers against those of strangers, volunteers and celebrities.  When presented a series photos that contained one of her partner, four other men, three random pictures and one of their brother, they were asked to say which of the four other men resembled the brother the most. They found that people tended to choose the picture of the partner as being the most similar to the brother by about 27%. Although it isn't the rules for most women, it does show a greater chance for a women to choose a partner that looks similar to her brother.

SOURCE: Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society

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