Study States No Difference In Work Ethic Between Generations

October 13, 2016

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Kids today are lazy slackers who need to get a job and work.  Sound familiar?  It may be the battle cry of older generations describing the younger one. You might want to sit down for this one as a new study says there is no difference in work ethics between older and younger generations. Researchers from Wayne State University looked at 77 different studies that examined work ethic. They discovered there was no difference in work commitment levels, or what's called the "Protestant work ethic," across generations. While business psychologists describe baby boomers as independent, goal-oriented and competitive, they describe members of Generation X and millennials as better adapted to problem solving, teamwork and technology. Sociologists have long credited the Baby Boomer work ethic with America's rising economic output during the late 20th century, but the new findings suggest that Generation X and even millennials work just as hard but do their work differently and therefore are perceived as lazier than the generation describing them. The new research was published in the Journal of Business and Psychology.


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