Study Links Birth Month To Chronic Illnesses

June 21, 2017

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Can you birth month be the reason why you have headaches, high blood pressure or depression?  A Spanish study took a look at 27 chronic health ailments to see if the month you were born had anything to do with it.  Surprisingly, the study confirms that certain diseases affect people differently depending on your birthday.  For instance men born in September were almost three times more likely to suffer from thyroid problems than those born in January. Women born in July were 27% more likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. Men born in August had almost double the risk of asthma compared to those born in January. Women born in June had a 33 % lower risk of migraines and a 35% less chance of experiencing menopause problems. Overall, September babies appeared to have the least chance of being diagnosed with any chronic disease. Scientist believe that levels of vitamin D from sunshine, as well as seasonal illness could be behind the variance, by either boosting the body’s inner defenses or harming them early on.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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