Students Perform Better in Classrooms Without Cell Phones

July 31, 2018


As we prepare for the start of a new school year, it wouldn't be surprising if more classrooms implement a ban on mobile devices. While schools that have tried to enforce a "no electronics" policy only to have it backfire with angry parents who want their kids to have access to a phone in case of an emergency, a recent study found kids do better in school when mobile devices are banned. Researchers looked at student performance and test scores before and after cell phone band. What they found is teens' test scores increased by 6% after a phone ban were implemented. The results were even better for kids who were struggling academically; their scores improved by 14% after the ban. The cellphone ban did not affect the test scores of high-achieving students nor did it change the scores for the 14-year-olds, the youngest teens evaluated. Researchers think this is because high-achieving students have already learned how to focus and avoid distractions, while 14-year-olds may be less likely to own and use phones as often as their 16-year-old peers. The results mirrored college kids too. Another study found college students using a  cellphone, laptop or tablet retained less information during a professor's lecture. Therefore, these students earned lower test grades compared to students who didn't use any device during class.


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