Study Claims Men Are Better At Travel Directions

May 24, 2018

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Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend and fresh fodder on an age old topic, who is better with traveling directions.  According to a researcher, men are better than women when it comes to navigating directions. Lead researcher Alexander Boone says that based on two individual experiments that when it comes to navigating in known environments, men prefer to take shortcuts to reach their destination more quickly, while women tend to use routes they know and concluding that men are significantly more efficient than women at reaching their destinations. The first experiment tested people on a computerized maze after learning it for a bit. The second study also used a computerized maze but added and then removed landmarks. While the men routinely took shortcuts to reach their targets faster, on average, than women, who were more prone to following learned routes. The study notes that some women were just as efficient and effective as the top male participants while some men failed to perform as well as women. Overall, the research indicates that men generally have a different navigation strategy than women.

SOURCE: Men's Health

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