Students Turns School Locker Into A Soda Vending Machine

January 27, 2017

© Chad Mcdermott | Dreamstime

Thanks to the digital revolution the school locker is becoming obsolete.  Tablets and the Internet have left hundreds of lockers, once used to store paper and books, empty.  17 year old Blake Hawkins of Valley Center High School in Kansas had an idea of turning his assigned locker into a soda vending machine.  An aspiring electrical engineering student, Blake created a coin-operated vending machine inside locker 808 that dispenses either Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew for just $.75.  He has posted a step-by-step instruction manual of how he did it so that any high school student can make some extra money.  But rather than fundraising for college, perhaps Blake's inspiration for the locker soda machine was to find a craft way to ask a girl to prom.  After encouraging her to buy a soda, which included a note asking her out.  

Instructions to build a Soda LOcker Vending machine via

SOURCE: Boing Boing

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