Students Absenteeism Drops When Laundry Facilities Are Available

August 29, 2017


There is a lot to be said about clean clothes but you wouldn't think there would be a connection with clean clothes and a child's attendance at school.  We often think of parents struggling with kids to get them to change their clothes. Schools similary struggle to find ways to keep absences to a minimum.  Come to find out the two are connected. Some schools have installed on-campus laundry machines and the results have been extraordinary.  Schools with high absenteeism problems generally are in lower income zones, which may not have easy access to laundry facilities. Without access to laundry facilities where they live, some kids just skipped class rather than go to school in their unwashed clothes. So Whirlpool choose two schools to install laundry facilities and worked a program to wash the students clothes (parents or volunteers) while they were in class.  The results showed a considerable drop in missed days.  On top of that, teachers saw a 95% boost in class and extracurricular participation from students who'd previously missed more than 10 school days a year.  The program has expanded to 60 more schools in 10 cities with over a thousand schools expressing interest in the program. The key to keeping kids in class may be a simple as installing a laundry facility at our schools.

SOURCE: Fast Company

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