Student Uses 3x5 Note Card Loophole To Cram For A Test

September 27, 2017

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The devil is in the detail and for one lucky student it paid off well.  Reb Beatty is an assistant professor at a Community College in Maryland, where he has taught Financial Accounting for years.  As with previous classes, the Professor allows students to bring one 3x5 notecard with any information they can fit on it to their first exam of the year. While reviewing the instructions one student named Elijah Bowen stumbled upon one glaring omission.  There was no indication of the 3x5 notecard was in centimeters, inches or feet.  So on the day of the test, Elijah arrived to the classroom with one 3x5 foot notecard that was stuffed with a lot of information!  Professor Beatty questioned the size of the notecard and  quickly referred back to his syllabus and every other place where he provide test instructions and realized he never specified "inches" anywhere. Begrudgingly, Beatty had to allow Elijah to use his giant poster of tedious notes. Elijah said he would've made a 3x5 meter notecard but that would be too big. In a viral Facebook post, Professor Beatty simply wrote "Well played and lesson learned" as we can only assume he has closed the size loophole for the next class. 

SOURCE: BuzzFeed

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