Stress Relief Jewelry

May 10, 2018

© Iodrakon | Dreamstime

Stress relief has made it into fashion jewelry. The Shift necklace is a hawking whistle-shaped necklace that you breathe into, which is supposed to relieve tension.  So in times of high stress you can breathe in through the nose, and then exhale fully into the necklace’s tube for 10 seconds. You’re encouraged to practice the breathing exercise up to five consecutive times to achieve a Zen state. Shift necklaces co-founder Todd Steinberg says that after five exhales through the Shift; your heart rate lowers, (stress hormone) cortisol decreases, blood pressure comes down, more toxins are released and muscles loosen. The Shift necklace is available in rose or 14 karat gold for $115, silver for $95 or matte slate for $85. Wellness gadgets are in big demand with worldwide sales around $3.7 trillion annually with an expected growth rate of 17% through 2020.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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