Strenuous Exercise While Angry Triples Risk Of A Heart Attack

October 12, 2016


Exercise is known as a stress reliever but too much stress and anger before you hit the gym may actually cause you to have a heart attack. A large worldwide study suggests heavy exercise while stressed or mad triples the risk of having a heart attack within an hour. Study authors say there is a mental connection while working out and when you are upset and angry, you transfer the energy to your workout, cause an abnormally exertion of energy that may be too much for your heart ot handle at once. Being angry or upset doubled the risk of suffering heart attack symptoms within an hour; heavy physical exertion did the same. Having both at the same time more than tripled the risk for a heart attack. It also found the highest risk of heart attacks at the gym were at night between 6pm and midnight. So rather than pumping iron when in a bad mood, it is better to mentally calm down before exerting yourself with exercise.


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