Stranger Things Themed Hotel Room To Binge Watch The Show

November 10, 2017

It's the hottest TV show that everyone is talking about, Stranger Things.  It's a science-fiction horror in it's second season on Netflix, the show is mix of investigative drama alongside supernatural elements with childlike sensibilities based in the early to mid-1980s and creating a homage to pop culture of that decade. So it's no wonder that a hotel has come up with a Stranger Things themed room. The Gregory Hotel in midtown Manhattan offers it's  "Ex-stream-ly Cozy Package" where you can binge watch Stranger Things and enjoy a light-up wall tapestry, so you can cosplay as Joyce, and a pillowcase emblazoned with the show’s signature logo. When it time for a snack can enjoy Eggo waffles (Eleven’s favorite), canned wine, and Heathy Skoop's Sleep Protein to help facilitate a nightmare-free sleep. The next morning, they can drink their morning coffee from a Stranger Things mug (it says "Friends Don't Lie"), which is theirs to take home. The Strangers Things -themed room goes for $249 a night and the hotel plans to offer the package through August 2018. Make your reservation here!

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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