Strange Security Questions Asked From Bank's Web site

January 11, 2017

© Jakub Jirsák | Dreamstime

No doubt you've had a potpourri of security questions to choose from when registering for online access. From your home town to your mother's maiden name random questions are designed to authenticate you with questions you would only know.  However one bank in India has some of the strangest security questions ever seen.  They include, "What is the web site you rarely visit?", "What plant do you like to dislike?" and "What is your neighbor's pet name?"  The good news is that you don't have to remember the color of you first car in order to reset your password.  Security questions like these are being replaced by the more secure two-factor authentication, where a one-time, time-sensitive code is sent to you through an email or text message.  And there's a good reason for that. Google released a security report in 2015 that found 37% people give bogus answers on security questions, which more often than not they don't remember. It also said these fake answers were so similar that they were easy to guess by hackers.

SOURCE: Mashable

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