Stove Top Thanksgiving Pants Expand To Twice Their Size When You Are Stuffed

November 14, 2017

© Eugene Bochkarev | Dreamstime

While the debate between instant and traditional stuffing continues, Stove Top has created Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.  The high waisted stretch pants have a unique pattern that resembles the stuffing found on the table with the legs red in color that pay homage to the Stove Top box.  And when you're stuffed after a round at the table, relax as the Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner Pants stretch two times its normal size at the waist to accommodate and keep you comfortable (at least in the clothing department). The pants even come with pockets designed to hold food so there's no need to get off the couch!  The unisex pants come in sizes small through extra-large and are on sale through the end of the month for $19.98 at  While it's destined to be a topic of conversation, you can take comfort in that Stove Top will donate $10,000 of the pants proceeds to Feeding America.

SOURCE: Mashable

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