Storing Chips In The Freezer Will Keep Them Fresh Longer

April 2, 2018
potato chips

No one can just have one! Our love affair with the potato chip is one we cherish and nothing is worse than savoring the crispiness and crunch of those chips than limp, stale chips.  Here’s a hack you can use to keep those chips fresher longer.  Make some room in the freezer and keep them there! Fans of this practice claim that it prevents opened chips from going stale for months at a time. Though food chemists aren’t entirely sure why this works, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that it doe, for everything from tortilla chips to potato chips. And don't worry, even though your chips are frozen, much of the moisture content is cooked out of the potato, so there’s hardly any water left to freeze.  Plus a chilled potato or tortilla chip might make it taste even better!

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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