Stop Mounting TVs Over Fireplaces, Say Home Deco Experts

October 3, 2017

© Irina88w | Dreamstime

For homes with a fireplace the go-to spot for that flat panel TV is to hang it over the fireplace, right?  Well no, say experts who say the heat and smoke from fires can damage your TV and void its warranty.  But more of a practical reason not to hang your TV over your fireplace is it's a literal pain in your neck.  Experts recommend your TV set should be no more than 35 degrees above the horizontal plane of eye.  In other words, TVs mounted above the fireplace are too high for you to watch comfortably from your couch, unless your couch is all the way across your house. Find another spot for your screen where it can be closer to eye-level and farther from the fire.

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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