Stinky Shoes Win Contest

March 29, 2017

© Stephen Gibson Dreamstime

Think you kid's shoes are stinky?  Perhaps not as smelly as Connor Slocombe of Alaska, who has won the "Smelliest Sole" honors at the 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest at Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square in New York City. Connor won the contest, presented by Odor-Eaters, as his toes poked through the front of his rotten New Balance sneakers and a smile on his face.  Besides his new title, Connor picked up $2,500 in cash, an additional two night stay in New York to attend a Broadway show, a spot in the "Hall of Fumes" and a supply of odor-eaters. The competitors are chosen from local competitions around the country and their sneakers are judged on odor, condition and each child's description of why their sneakers are stinkiest. Congratulations Connor!

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