States With The Safest Drivers

November 9, 2017


When it comes to safety on our roadways, Florida drivers rank 37th in the nation!  The ranking comes from a report from EverQuote, an online car insurance shopping service.  It uses tracking software the keeps tabs on driving habits such as speed, risky braking, acceleration, turning and phone use. For Sunstate drivers, we have the 2nd highest phone use rate while driving in the United States with 44% of trips involving our devices.  Florida is 20th highest in rates of drivers speeding and seat belts are used in 89% of trips. While your phone can be a distraction while driving and more than 50% of crashes occurred after the driver had used their phone, speed is the most common unsafe habit. Overall the northeast is home to the most speeders with Rhode Island and Connecticut tops in the nation, while seat belts are used the most in California and Georgia and the most deaths behind the wheels happened in South Carolina.  As for the safest drivers, Montana is home to the most, followed by Wyoming, Alaska, South Dakota and Vermont. As for the worst, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts are at the bottom. On average, women were slightly safer drivers with an average safety rating of 78 out of 100, compared to men with an average safety rating of 77 and young drivers (under 21) have a fairly similar safe driving rating to drivers over the age of 21.

SOURCE: EverQuote

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