State Begs Anglers To Catch Salmon

August 24, 2017

© Alexander Raths | Dreamstime

It's a fisherman's dream come true, Washington state officials are begging anglers to catch as many salmon as possible! An aquaculture farm north of Seattle said an unusual tide last week allowed about 3,000 to 4,000 Atlantic salmon to escape their pen and swim into the wild. Officials say they need the public's help in catching the non-native fish and say as long as they catch Atlantic salmon, people who already hold fishing licenses for this year are welcome to catch as many fish as they want at any weight. The fish farm says the loss of fish will hurt the company’s bottom line more than the environment as Atlantic salmon are not an invasive species, do not interbreed with the area’s Pacific salmon and are so domesticated, they're couch potatoes, as salmon goes, and should be easy pickings for wildlife and anglers.

SOURCE: Seattle Times

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