Standing Or Walking: Which Is Faster On An Escalator?

March 10, 2017

© Yap Kee Chan | Dreamstime

While in the mall, airport sporting event you have no doubt used an escalator.  Ahh, stars that move for you, brilliant!  But let's say you running late for your flight, is it faster to walk up the escalator or just stand there and let the stairs do the work?  Surprisingly, just standing there can be fastest way to the top (or bottom).  It really doesn't matter how many people are on the escalator.  Meandering between people slows you down unless you are the only person on the escalator.  In London, England several studies have been conducted on this issue and they’ve all concluded to just stand there not only get you there faster, more people can squeeze on to the escalator.  There it is an unwritten law that escalator standers stand on the right side while walkers move on the left.  But no matter if the escalators were busy or not, people saved time by standing on escalators versus walking on them.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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