Stage Your Home Without Your Pet

May 7, 2018


We love our pets but when it comes to staging your house to sell, keep all signs of a pet out of the picture.  That's the advice from real estate experts who say the favorite part of coming home could be preventing you from getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar. As you prep your home to sell, your mission is to attract the widest pool of qualified buyers and as strange as it may sound to you, not everyone is a pet lover. For some, allergies are a real issue and people who are allergic to animals may not even visit your home if there is any indication of a pet residing in the property.  Even if a potential buyer isn't allergic, the sight of your pet may be off-putting to sensitive smellers. Just seeing a pet in your listing might lead to them obsessing over the potential odors and skipping your open house. Also potential buyers may associate a pet with some sort of damage; either in stains or structure or yard damage. So it may be a good idea to have a neighbor watch your pet while your home is being viewed by potential buyers. 

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

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