Squirrels Causing Christmas Lights Mayhem

December 5, 2017

© Gradts | Dreamstime

It appears not everyone is happy about Christmas lights.  While your front yard may showcase twinkling lights and downtown Ocala is covered in them, a New Jersey town has a serial Christmas light killer. Sea Girt prides itself on its Christmas lights displays and even holds an annual tree-lighting ceremony. But as soon as the lights went up many strands went dark.  City workers found severed wires as the reason and the police were called out to investigate, assuming it was a kid prank or some Grinch.  Light wires were severed as fast as city crews could repair them but police hadn't caught the culprit.  But on Saturday morning, the day after the tree-lighting ceremony, a passerby cracked the case wide open with irrefutable evidence.  His camera caught a squirrel chewing on the wires. The Sea Girt Police posted on Twitter that they are proud to report that the case of our broken holiday lights has been solved. We are happy that no human acted as a Grinch in this incident. The squirrel was" charged "with criminal mischief & released on bail. However the Christmas light chomping squirrel is still at large and free to continue its mayhem.  However the city and police keep the display under surveillance to ensure the Christmas spirit stays intact.


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