Squirrel Steals 150 Christmas Lights From Outdoor Display [video]

December 6, 2016

© Gradts | Dreamstime

Every Christmas there seems to be someone pulling off a prank on a neighbor's Christmas display.  That's is what Margaret Rican thought as she noticed light bulbs were missing from her light display surrounding her deck.  However it wasn't the neighborhood teens or a disgruntled neighbor.  The thief is a squirrel!  Dubbed the Bulb Bandit, Margaret has several videos capturing the squirrel stealing bulb after bulb; in all 150 bulbs in a 24 hours period.  Apparently the squirrel things the old school big bulbs are food and chews through the wire connecting the lights, securing the bulb in its mouth and leaping off the deck to the trees and on to its nest. Margaret hasn't been able to find the nest but at the very least, it is decorated for the season!


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