Spruce Up Your Kitchen With These Inexpensive Updates

March 14, 2018

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You kitchen needs some love!  Let's face it, you spend a lot of time in there and when it comes to marketing, homebuyers usually are sold by the looks of your kitchen.  So here's some quick ways to spruce it up for yourself or to sell it.  #1-Display some art.  Look for subject-appropriate art, like delicate framed botanical or fruit prints which are a great options.  Use Command hooks rather than drill a hole in your ceramic backsplash!  #2-Use Containers. Free up cabinet space and add character to your kitchen countertops by decanting your frequently used ingredients into attractive containers.  Not only do pretty pieces act as a design element in your kitchen but they also make ingredients, like flour and sugar, easy to access. #3-Add plants.  They're not just for the patio anymore! If anywhere in your home deserves a lush pop of the outdoors, it's the kitchen. #4-Add hanging ceiling racks. If cabinet and/or wall space is limited in your kitchen, why not take advantage of the "cabinet adjacent" prime real estate known as your kitchen ceiling? #5-Throw down a vintage rug. While many choose to keep vintage patterned rugs out of the kitchen because they're traditionally hard to clean, as long as you give a good deep cleaning once a quarter there is no reason you can't make your kitchen floor pop! Finally, consider taking the doors off your cabinets. Simply unscrewing and removing their cabinet doors reveals the beautifully organized and streamlined contents behind them! Best of all, these are all inexpensive changes you can make!

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