Splitting Up Your Family When Flying Might Be Genius

June 28, 2018

© Ekaterina Demidova | Dreamstime

Traveling with younger kids can be a challenge to say the least.  Parents have devised strategies to keep their kids entertained, safe and themselves sane. But with modern air travel of TSA lines, flight delays and crowded airplanes, one set of parents suggest you fly separately for your sanity!  So for a family of four, one parent flies with one child, on separate airplanes. While it may seem unthinkable to split up but they offer some insight on how this practice has made traveling with children much easier.  First, it is easier to manage differing temperaments.  While one child may be anxious to fly, the other may find it nervous.  By slitting up you are able to balance the needs of a naturally anxious child in the hustle and bustle of an airport. Each parent is in complete control. Rather than having a disagreement on the style of parenting, each parent can make their own decisions without consultations and therefore less stress. Giving 100% attention to one child versus splitting it between two can make traveling much easier and focusing on one kid has other benefits, too. The one-on-one time can give you the opportunity to have deeper conversations. Finally the smaller party means you have more flexibility. If your flight is oversold or cancelled, re-booking with a smaller party means you are more likely to get seats. Of course this system may not work for all families but it is worth discussing in future adventures.

SOURCE: Lifehacker

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