Spinning the Office Negativity Into A Positive One

February 1, 2017

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 Navigating through conflicts at work can be a challenge and by choosing certain words and phrases can add discomfort and hurt the harmony needed in the office. Being a diplomat not only can help calm your co-workers down, it could be seen in a favorable light by the boss! Although the phrases, "I’m sorry, but," "I just assumed that," and "There's nothing I can do" sound innocent enough but they make you sound defensive and unwilling to accept constructive criticism or acknowledge any need for improvement. "You should have," "That makes no sense," and "You’re wrong" are accusatory and dismissive, and can alienate others from sharing their opinions or seeking feedback. And phrases like "That’s not my problem" or "But we’ve always done it that way" suggest that you’re willing to only do the bare minimum, and don't want to take extra initiative. But you can still get your point across but in a better light by ditching, "That's not my problem" with "I recommend you talk to (name)."  Instead of “We've always done it this way", say, "That's a different approach, can you tell me why it is better?" Instead of saying, "you're wrong", try, "I'm not sure about this and here is why...."  And if you slip and say something you regret, there's a lot to be said in apologizing, explain your error statement by following it up with, "what I meant was...."

SOURCE: Headway Capital

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