Spice Up Your Marriage By Splitting Household Chores

May 10, 2018

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Couples who clean together have more intimate relations together. A new survey found that cohabitating couples who split chores evenly have the happiest relationship and that happiness makes its way into the bedroom.  In particular, couples who dusted and cleaned the bathroom together had nearly twice the number of romantic rendezvous compared to when women shouldered the responsibility alone. Study authors says when you have equality in a relationship, you tend to not have resentment. If the burdens of household chores are divided, nobody feels that they’re stuck in a gender role and that's a major turn on. However the creditloan.com survey found that women are still doing most of the work at home. During the average week, women spend 5 hours and 48 minutes more time on chores like laundry and cooking than men, which adds up to 301 hours of unpaid overtime a year. It also found that men spent more time than women organizing household finances, attempting home repairs and taking out the trash (up to 55 minutes per week).

SOURCE: Moneyish

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