Space Tourist Set To Flyby The Moon By Next Year

February 28, 2017

© Brian Kushner | Dreamstime

It's been 47 years but it appears we're heading back to the moon.  Tech billionaire Elon Musk's SpaceX program has been making significant progress in its Falcon rocket and Dragon crew capsule; most recently making a pefect lift-off and landing at Cape Canaveral.  Now it appears the next phase of the prject will happen next year, when SpaceX delivering astronauts to the International Space Station by mid-2018.  Then to passengers will get the trip of a lifetime and a flyby around the moon!  Destined to become the world's first space tourists, two friends have already paid a hefty deposit for their trip that will make a long loop around the moon, skim the surface of the moon and head out about 400,000 into space before coming hime.  The entire trip will be automated too! Sucessful completiton means that space travel for all of us may be just around the corner!

SOURCE: Newser

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