Space heaters Can Damage Your Skin

November 16, 2016

© Cerenzio | Dreamstime

As the weather gets cooler, dipping into the frigid 60s and 50s, the use of space heaters and electric blankets increases.  But be warned, there is a hidden danger to your skin from the snuggly warmth. The condition is known as toasted skin syndrome, a condition that can occur when your skin is chronically exposed to low-level, infrared heat sources like electric blankets and space heaters.  It can also include heated car seats and heating pads. The heat can cause damage to your skin's top layers and the superficial veins that sit underneath, causing dark spots on your skin.  It's basically one step before a burn and makes skin itchy, and over time, could even increase the risk for skin cancer. Occasional space heater and blanket users need not worry but if you find yourself using them on a daily basis you could be putting your skin at risk. However if you need the heater, apply a thick moisturizer lotion that works as a barrier to protect your skin. At the very least, it is worth a discussion with your dermatologist.

SOURCE: Womens Health Magazine

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