Someone Turned Online Terms And Conditions Into A Comic Book

February 9, 2017

© Daniel Villeneuve | Dreamstime

We can safely say that the majority of us have never fully read the pages and pages of the small font, legalese language of the Terms and Conditions you must agree to in order to use an online product. While it is a good idea to read it, it is very impractical until now.  Cartoonist R. Sikorayak might have the created the coolest way to read the terms and conditions by making them into a comic book.  Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel has turned Apple's iTunes Terms and Conditions into an enjoyable and nostalgic way to know what you are agreeing to when you click yes.  The comic switches themes throughout this paperback, with homage paid to Peanuts, Beetle Bailey, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbs, Marvel and even The Simpsons; with each page incorporating a Steve Jobs character.  The 108 paperback hit store shelves in March for $14.95.


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