Some Lesser Known Perks Of Amazon Prime

March 19, 2018

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You may be new to Amazon Prime membership or have enjoyed the benefits for quite some time.  But there are more than just free shipping, movies and TV shows and music, there are a few lesser known benefits.  For instance, you have virtually unlimited photo storing space.  PrimePhotos can be accessed on the web or via an app for iOS and Android and unlike Apple's ICloud, there is no limit and you can share your PrimePhotos with up to five additional people making photo sharing a breeze. Prime members get free access to a rotating selection of more than 1,000 books, popular magazines, comics and more. Every month you get about 50 free magazine issues free. Gamers rejoice with Twitch Prime, which offers ad-free access to Twitch’s game streaming service and lets fans keep up with e-sports and other game-related programming. If you are ordering items but don't necessarily need them delivered in two days, opting for no rush shipping will save you money.  The option will gain you credit towards your Prime bill or a discount on selected items. If you use the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card, you'll get 5% cash back on Amazon purchases. Spend $5000 on Amazon in a year, and you’d pocket $250.

SOURCE: Moneyish

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