Some Google Devices Are Crashing Home Wi-Fi Connections

January 17, 2018

© Mzagajewska | Dreamstime

Have you noticed your home's Wi-Fi crashing recently when using Google home or Chromecast devices?  Well congratulations, you are not crazy and it is true these new gadgets are causing some headaches with home Wi-Fi setups and causing periods of no Wi-Fi signal.  After many customers’ complaints of the problem, especially with the very popular Google Home Max, there is a software flaw at the root of the problem and generally strikes when you "wake up" a Google device.  In short the devices are always in communications but when called upon to "awaken", the devices overload the router with too much data at one time, thusly crashing your Wi-Fi. Google says they're “working quickly to share a solution.” However if you’re finding your internet drops out anytime you interact with your Home or wake up your Chromecast, there are a few things you can do. First make sure your router is up to date with any software or firmware updates and apply them. You can also reboot your router to clear the memory and reset it after a data siege. And, if you want a very simple solution, you can just unplug the offending Google device, at least until router makers and Google roll out an official fix.

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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