Solar Glasses Can Be Used To View Rare Large Sunspots

September 7, 2017

© Liouthe Dreamstime

If you still have those solar glasses used to watch the partial eclipse last month, you might want to grab them and take a look at another solar phenomenon, sunspots.  Two large sunspots are visible when viewed through NASA approved solar glasses or camera filters and apparently are the largest of the year  Sunspots are areas of intense magnetic fields that appear dark against the surface of the Sun because they're cooler than the areas around them. Much like everything in life, sunspots increase and decrease in 11-year cycles.  Since we're moving towards the minimum cycle this is truly an amazing event considering they are large enough to be view using solar glasses. However if you are wanting to recycle your solar glasses, you can donate them to Astronomers Without Borders, who will take your solar glasses and give them to school children in South America as they prepare for the next solar eclipse in 2019.

SOURCE: Mental Floss

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