Social Jet-lag May Be Why You Can't Sleep At Night

January 16, 2018


Now that the holidays are over you may have found it difficult to resume your normal sleeping pattern. But it might not just be tiredness from all the partying you're experiencing. In fact, you might have social jet lag. Social jet lag occurs when our internal biological clock gets out of rhythm with the external environment.  Our sleeping cycle are 'reset" every morning when we wake up and a 16 hour timer begins to hen we become tired enough to fall sleep and the process repeats.  While on a weekday, when you rise at 6 or 7am, this might work well as you are ready to go to sleep around 10 or 11pm, if you're out late on a Friday night and then up late on a Saturday, then you might not be ready to go back to sleep until around 3am the next day. So your sleep schedule is messed up for the week, how can you get back in your routine? Stop drinking caffeinated product after lunch, resist the urge to nap and prepare to go to bed about an hour before your normal scheduled time.  Disconnect from technology, dim the lights, read a book or even take a hot shower. Also avoid sleeping in on the weekends so that you remain on a normal schedule and feel ready to take on the world!

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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